Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thine Ears Have Heard the Glory

Earlier this week saw an exciting point of the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow. It is an all round marvelous event (ending this coming Sunday) celebrating the rich folk heritage within Scotland and exploring where the uk folk scene (although it can't really be lumped together in one homogeneous blob) is going next. One of the most important events of the week is, besides Kate Rusby in multiple concerts, the Young Traditional Musician of the Year award. Being stuck in London (unlike some lucky wibbloggers) I was relegated to listening on the radio but suggest you all tune in for an hour or so of excitement, tension and overall sound music! If folky music isn't quiet your thing, well another tune that has caught my ear has these funky lyrics.
i found something dying; it was my light it had resigned itself to night so i threw it out a fishing line and said catch your will and then catch mine
Emerging band "The Guillimots" (onto the national scene anyway) have a quality track out at the moment entitled Annie Lets Not Wait. What I enjoy about it are the lyrics which are about the internal searching, questioning, doubting.. rather than the Annie Lets Not Wait chorus. Anyway, click here for their MySpace page and take a listen yourself. Take Care Y'ALl John


  1. Thanks for the link John. Actually though Celtic Connections doesn't finish until this coming Sunday :)

  2. Thanks to the power of the internet no one knows my mistake...