Friday, January 12, 2007

Audio Audacity

Two items leap off from the radio listings for today and I thought I would flag them up; 1) Adrian Mole and the Blair Mole Project "Adrian Mole, as a 'representative voice from Middle England', is commissioned to present a feature on Tony Blair's 10 years as Prime Minister. Adrian, not surprisingly, has a somewhat idiosyncratic view on the Blair legacy."Radio 4 Listing As an ever eager fan of Adrian Mole for many years I am rather excited by the prospect of the Afternoon Play providing another installment in this unique persons' life. The last time we heard (well read) Mole was in the run up to the Iraq War when his love (Pandora) was supporting the war and he was against it - as an evaluation of Blair and his legacy I suspect it'll be poignant but also amusing... This is followed by 2)Costing the Earth which looks at the true environmental cost of our supermarket based shopping habits and how the intensive methods required to produce the quantities for wholesale are having a questionable effect on the environment. From the write up on the website it looks like it will go beyond the "ooh aren't supermarkets crap" to a real analysis of the entire food chain and the effects we, as modern day consumers, are having upon it. Take Care Y'All John

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