Monday, January 22, 2007

All that Glitters is Not Gold....

Still mulling over all the Methodist Council papers and how best to guide you all through them. Shall be posting a few times this week so please check back! Still, to titillate and amuse for now I present a verse from Hymns & Psalms (the Methodist Hymn book*) which proves that not everything within that book is "Grade A" material...
The babes in Christ thy Scriptures feed With milk suffecient for their need, The nuture of the Lord. Beneath life's burden adn its heat The fully grown stronger meat In thy unfailing word. (H&P 477, Verse 2, words by G.B.Caird 1917-84)
Take Care Y'All John *Note the Hymnbook was produced for use as an interdenominational Hymnbook.

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