Friday, December 22, 2006

Postcard from Edinburgh

Just an idea of what I'm seeing around me at the moment... *apologies: The picture browser doesn't seem to fit my browser windom right within the frames of the blog, I am looking for a solution but till then live with it! ;) * Take care Y'All John

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa's A Scotsman!

I am now back in the Motherland, relaxing in Edinburgh after a wonderful two days in Mancs (It was all rather manic in London so it has was an even more wonderful journey home by having to stop there). Anyway, more about journeys another time instead I want to draw your attention to a quality* tune has been pumping out accross the nation this last week or two. Entitled "Santas a Scotsman" it is all about how; "Too many pies, not enough exercise That is why he is one of us!" Few words are needed so just click here and enjoy it! *note by quality I mean Christmas quality, therefore adding the suitable caviat required about the questionable nature of the overly cheesy music. Take Care Y'All John

Monday, December 18, 2006

Peace in Your Pocket

Methodist Church has distributed over 70,000 wee "Peace in Your Pocket" booklets to pubs, clubs and gyms accross the country. It looks brilliant and I have around 50 on my desk, so leave a comment if you'd like one. The whole scheme is summated by the press release so I'll let do the talking *Note: John Cooper was not President of the Methodist Youth Executive for two reasons i) I was elected as Secretary of the Methodist Youth Executive ii) the President would be of the Methodist Youth Conference not executive! * (I wasn't going to note this but the mistake has just appeared in the Methodist Church eNews as well... so cant have too much disinformation about)
The Methodist Church has launched an innovative booklet in health clubs, play centres and bars. Peace in Your Pocket is a thought provoking 16-page booklet the size of a postcard, and 75,000 copies are available in hundreds of venues nationwide until early January. The booklet contains poems, pictures and thought-provoking points as it explores the issue of peace, and what it means today. It contains brief meditations for busy people, as well as pointers for those who wish to look further into the topic. “At Christmas we speak of ‘goodwill and peace to all,’” says Anthea Cox of the Methodist Church, “but what does peace really mean today? It used to be that peace was an absence of war, but today terrorism makes it hard for us to feel at peace. And worldwide millions of people are suffering and dying from the effects of war, even when their countries are not at war. So what does peace mean in our lives, our homes, our neighbourhoods and in the world? This booklet is for anyone who is asking these questions, particularly people who would not normally go to church but who feel the need to think reflectively about peace.” The booklet contains quotations from Desmond Tutu, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Satish Kumar, amongst others. It aims to provide readers with a few moments of calm, as well as challenging them to take further action to promote peace. John Cooper, former president of the Methodist Youth Executive, said “Pub chat often ends up on issues of the day, many of which concern violence and warfare. I'd love this book to help stimulate talk on the solutions rather than just dwelling on the problems.” The booklet has an accompanying website, There is also a text messaging service, whereby anyone can sign up to receive free occasional peaceful thoughts on their mobile phone. Users can also post messages that appear on the website as peace flags.
Go to the website and please ensure that you sign up for the text message service - cause it is free! Also click here and download the Methodist Church Podcast for December which has a devastating crituqe of the church in general, from the mouth of kids back home in Edinburgh... as ever the Scots are telling it like it is (with one or two remarkably practicle kids as well presenting a nice mix). Take Care Y'All john