Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Apologies for lack of Service

Methodist Council paperwork is a hefty booklet this time and taking me a long time to fully digest. Within it are many important issues relating to Team Focus (reviewing all areas of Methodist Connexional Level work and support) as well as what leadership is required from the Church. There are some issues within which I am going to have to phrase "delicatly" but I want to get the discussion going. Therefore I shall start posting up tonight, that said I do need to re-find the booklet which appears to have gone awol. UPDATE: Booklet has been located.. seems it was hidden until I managed to get all the other work needing done completed!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Methodist Council Outline

Here we have the planned "policy" timetable for the year at Methodist Council. In order to understand the outlines then I think I need to outline what the role of Methodist Council is. Methodist Council is seen as the body that provides oversight to the whole connexional (nationwide) church. This is, in my view, often passing policy and programmes of work in principle before the true authority (annual conference) can act. Also once policy has been passed then it appears council sometimes has to provide thoughts and guidance around how to carry it out. So here we have the timetable (provisional - We (the council) are to discuss at our first meeting).
October 2006
Debated then Voted on... ‘Expectations’ paper The Team and TMCP (from Project 8) The Shape of the Team – leadership and senior management Grant-making processes & Criteria (from Project 12) Training Institutions: the process ‘Our discipline’ Consultation processes for reconsideration of Derby Resolutions Review Methodist Leadership – establish the process En bloc (ie Voted without debate) Appointment of Conf Business Cttee Wales Chairs Ministerial extensions of appointment Audit contract Appoint group to review responses to What Sort of Bishops?, with terms of reference Nature of Oversight – proposal to defer to at least 08, in the light of: this year’s heavy workload; the review of Methodist Leadership; the debate about Bishops Discussion item - So we have to look through and discuss the issues rather than just scrutinising the contents of the paper Faithful Cities, with Methodist responses and reflection on Methodist urban mission strategy
For those of you who can't wait for my digest then click here and start to look through... Take Care Y'All John