Saturday, September 30, 2006

Break in service

Today has been a wonderful, exciting and joy filled day. That said we are in need of a miricle! My mobile phone is, at this moment, on the railway track of victoria on the northbound station. The staff will remove it when the trains have stopped and so i can get it on the way to church in the morning..... How did it get therE? I bent over to pick up a glass bottle someone had jsut thrown down and looked like it was about to smash against the train - see what happens if you do good deeds? Tsk! last time I look out for anyone but myself.... Nah I have trust in LT ltd to do me proud... Take care y'all john UPDATE : Phone successfully returned in one piece and fully functioning - good times indeed. As the saying goes; I never doubted you Mr mainwaring - not for a minute!