Friday, July 28, 2006

So long and thanks for the memories

So then, the West Wing is no more. One of the finest televisual treats that I first got into whence at school and has been going for a good 7 seasons.... The whole premise of The West Wing was that of revisionist history - a what if scenario which presented a "democrat" alternative to the Republican demonstration in the White house at the moment. Yet it wasn't just a reaction it was a whole new set of policy. All the various staff of the team complimented each other, with two on screen deaths really pulling the heart strings as well as a mix of fast moving talking, a surpression of much sexual fustration and some cracking policy made it an absolute feast and joy to behold. Yet, like all good things it had to come to an end and it went out in style. More4 is having a special day tommorow but today saw the current Dr Who whup ass in a West Wing quiz, which was rather intersting, and the final two episodes. The final two brought a tear to the eye by the idea of letting go and looking outward. The institutionalistion illustrated within the confine of the show affects us all and we should all learn to look elsewhere and try things new. That said, we aren't elected by 45million people and then told we only have two shots maximum and then half your final term is wasted setting up who is to follow on. Oh and the actress who played CJ Craig proved that the older woman can be dead hot...oh yeah. Take care Y'All John

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You Blow My Face Away

So then, the middle east is in the process of imploding and all Britain and America want to do is sit back and watch it happen. SO lets go back to the beginning of this. Israel is an outpost of the west in an abstract situation. It was a nation created out of the imposition ontop of existing ones by an imperial power and so, from this, appears to have picked up the "blow up or shut up" attitude taken by many an imperial overlord. That said the reason why it reacts so is due to the dispersement of the Palestinian population which is, in part, down to the establishment of the Israli state rather than fault of the country. on the flipside the near-paranormic manor in which it perpetuates its' existance is rather amazing. Yet, you bellow, the other countries are attacking and maiming israelies therefore they have both reason and right on their side. Therefore the worlds policemen (America) decide the best thing to do is to let the bully and the bullied fight it out and try and kill each other. The rival gangs are built up on (supposed) religious lines and from this claim some form of right to commit the most un-godly (regardless of which God you belive in) acts upon each other. That said, don't panic because Britain has a special relationship with the policeman. We are the prisoner who is the grass. Doing whatever we can to ensure that we get a good ride through by selling out everyone else to the authorities- even if it aginast the real way things should be. A challenging idea really - yet think about it. All Israel/Palestine/Lebanon is is Northern Island played out with real US and other country backing. The real issue is that the people won't sit down and talk and prefer to sit and look at each other as bogeymen with guns who can only be beaten by bigger and better weapons. One would think that Tony Blair would at least have learnt from the only time he stopped a way that peacemaking, democracy and talking is the real way forward. If that doesn't happen then the nations suffer as the politicians get stuck in a (time?)warp where the two lead refuse to sit down until the other drops weapons. Of course when people live in paranoia they won't drop weapons. So where is all this going - well it goes back to a reconsidering of the importance of the report on Christian Peacemaking that was recently adopted by Methodist Conference. It also interlinks with the work done by War on Want in regards to investment in the Israel/Palestine conflict which makes us realise the true cost of the way we spend our money. How the location of where things are made can really change the world. Indeed it a reminds me of the importance of our place in the world and how we use our money, as a certain Mr J Wesley talked about. Take Care Y'All John