Wednesday, July 05, 2006


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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blatent Plug

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Free at Last..Free at Last....Thank the Lord God Almighty I'm Free at Last!

These last few days, humble reader, has been an interesting affair. I started by ending my job with the union and the weight lifted from my shoulders was amazing. I spent a weekend tidying, cleaning, making music and socialising. Suddenly I wanted to wake up and greet the morning and get on with things. Indeed, after a hard mornings scrubbing and wiping I walked down the street only to find a free Dyson if I cleaned it up – so I did and we have a free hoover, which is very good. A case of divine intervention I am sure. That said the last two days has provided much pause for thought. This is because of interaction (or lack of it) with two differing people. The first was a homeless chap on the tube. It was late on Saturday and he was smelly and sticky and sat on the tube. No one was going near him and the stench was, to put it politely, rancid. I sat down a few seats down from him and lasted 6 of the 8 stops. As I changed seat I got a funny feeling – that I had done something wrong. I knew that I was letting my personal prejudice get in the way of where I was sitting and so making a member of society already ostracised, even more so. The second was a family on a bus yesterday. They were arguing. There was a mother with two daughters, one teenage and one under 10. They were arguing ferociously. It appears that the youngest had been rude (before we had got on the bus). She was being shouted at by her mother about why she had been rude – shouting and swearing at the child and then the teenage daughter was swearing at the mum then the mum was taking the child’s ‘phone and telling a man that his youngest daughter was useless and no-one loved her. Defiantly a horrendous situation to sit through, which left me thinking a long time afterwards. Yet both of these incidents left me feeling useless because they stirred in me the want to do something but also the knowledge that there was nothing I can do. Between the two of them I was wondering quiet what I should do and how can I just sit back and let , really, crap happen. Whilst I know both those situations were different (and we can’t all change the world) the feeling of helplessness through personal reaction of inaction. Indeed part of the challenge is that I am spending my life doing radical stuff if it lives within my comfort zone - so standing up on issues etc yet refusing to allow anything that isn't within that to be done. Or am I thinking to hard and should I just give up and allow sh*t to happen? SO what should and would you?