Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blair Force What?

So then, with the ol environmental hat on I sit in shock at the thought that we are to spend £12m a year on some gas guzzling planes. These two planes which shall provide further isolation from normal people by having special planes but, more importantly, he is setting a bad example. Currently we are needing to fly less, this is because of the vast pollution that aeroplanes church out,specialy for short haul flights. The cost of that is more than £12m a year. think on this. The temperature of America fell by 2degrees during thetime that all flights were grounded after 9/11. Therefore we can see the idea of environmentalism being put against national security which is just absurd in the extreme. The thought that national security can overrule environmental security. The problem with that would be that the national security is this governments made over environmental made which would be much worse. On other news there is a new housemate in Castle Cooper, Enfield. This is one with a tail and 4 legs and goes squeak and nibbles our food. That said my namby pambyism has prevailed and we are going on the capture and realise in the nearby park rather than unleashing a form of genocide over the house. That said i am going away over the weekend so I may come back and find they have been weasle words...... Anyway, I am off to Edinburgh now so off to get a plane. I would hate it if there was an environmental audit of Methodist Conference, how many people will have flown up? I suspect that the caledonian forest of scotland might need to be replanted to cover said emitions... Take care Y'All john