Friday, May 26, 2006

Walk Walk Walk

This is a simple post - a plug for some friends really. The Connexional Team is sending some of its members up a mountain (or three). No, this isn't the latest in a team bonding buisness, instead it is a fun event out to raise money for the Methodist Church. Therefore if you think you would like to see Mr Mike Seaton (MAYC National Secretary), Mr Jonathan Kerry (Co-Ord Sec for Worship and Learning) and Ms Anthea Cox (Co-Ord Sec for Public Affairs) then please sponsor clicking here

Eurovision Fun!

Some things are straight, to the point and fun. What with the Harry Hill look - alike doing the David Brent dance then some things need to be seen over and over again... Voted for them but they didn't et the full British 12 points, glad to see they got 8 though. Who says Terry is the only one with a sense of humour...... Take care Y'All john

It's Not Easy Being Green?

Hello all Well it has been hectic down here but life is almost cope-able with again. Therefore I thought I would update you on some environmental stuff really. I don't know how many of you watch TV but there was a cracking series called "It's not easy being green" that was a tuesday night staple for the last coupla months. It followed a household as they moved into a new house and tried to "greenify" it by moving towards a sustainable outlook. This was an interesting outlook because they didn't set out to live a nomadic lifestyle, instead to continue as per normal. Instead what we saw was, as awareness grew, a changing of lifestyles because once they created and controlled the resources it was a lot more difficult (for example) to leave a light switched on when no one was to be there. This has helped re-inspire my eco-warrier side and so I am trying to greenify my student house down in London . This is partly due to cost and also because I think that i can't do it on my own in a house surrounded by others. Everyone knows I am harsh on the old recycling front but I am looking to change other areas of life. 1) Water Saving - We get through far too much water. This is personified by the toilet! I put a brick in there about a year ago, as per the advice, to reduce water usage. Unfortunatly our toilet blocked rather recently and it was blamed on said brick - now I was fairly scepticle beause I know about my landlord and his "repairs*"so that will have to be changed to a shop bought thing- most fustrating. That said, people all realised how much water a simple flush taked because we had to bucket it in whilst the toilet was broken. I belive the record was ten buckets! Who'd have thought it eh? Indeed water costs us around £300 a year as well but that lil debate won't be gone into now.... 2) Household cleaning - The amount of toxins that we pour arround the house is amazing and horrendous. To think that what we are doing is effectivly spraying pesticide means that our houses are continously in a state of biological warfare. Instead I am looking to phase out alot of the stuff and replace with either eco-friendly stuff or indeed just soap and some elbow grease. It is indeed amazing how much people will do to avoid doing a piece of hard work. 3) Purchasing - At the moment our house is purchasing well over what we should. I belive there are 4 types of butter/marge spread in the fridge at the moment because (and this is the unique nature of a student house) it is a space where everyone shares the space but wants their own neiche. One wonders why and worries about the horrendous cost really. Toilet paper, Rubbish Bags, Soap etc etc all add up and all could be bought ni bulk. This would be cheaper and means I could source them from somehwere better than tescos. That said to persuade one or two in the house that we should go recycled on the toilet paper could be a challenge. I don't see why we should fuss over something that we never use and is immediatly wasted (ie has no life outside the interaction with our btms) and so to spend tons on posh paper is absurd. Anywho i shall keep you all posted on the high and low points of the journey i am about to take the house on.... The whole environmental thing has rather gone big this year and it is pleasing to see that the long term work put in by various denominations on this is begining to pay off. The biggest scheme of all is the "eco-congregation" idea (also running in Scotland and Ireland)which is a cracking course that churches can join on and gain accreditiation at the end as just that. The journey they go on isn't just a group one but a personal one and impacts upon the worship, the upkeep of the building and the lifes of all those invovled. i have seen it happen in places and it is indeed a wonderful wee scheme. 3>The idea that saving the planet can indeed be a religious experience is an odd one to begin with but, ultimatly, is what it all comes down to. An oft mooted idea, by me, is the struggle to grasp and create the idea of "gods kingdom" but on this planet. Now we can do this with people because there is guidance and stimuli within the bible but I have yet to find St Paul writing about "thou shalt not use cars...". instead we need to look back to genisis and the ethos behind Jesus and his teaching. For we are put on this planet to look after and care for all of it and we would indeed be abusing it if we knowingly acted in ways that brought short term gain but long term distruction. This very debate is being taken up by a cracking new Methodist Church website called "The Interface" which is a current issues blog style comment board. A walk update will go up on Monday - I did complete but photos didn't work so writing up somehting else instead to show I did it) Take care Y'All John