Friday, May 19, 2006

Help Me Walk The Walk

Hello all I hope you are well and that the general stress and anxiety of exams and deadlines (for those of you who have them) haven't driven you to distraction. This week is Christain aid week and the final day of action is this sunday. Therefore we are leaving the best, well at least my participation, until this coming sunday. i am to take part in the London event which is called "walk the city" and involves walking around the city of london which should be good fun. Anywho, this modern technology lark has ensured that I can now ask you to sponsor me , even if you don't live near me because you can do it all online. All you have to do is go to.... As for why Christian aid is worth the walking for? Well it is a quality charity that works with all folks, regardless of their faith, to ensure the best quality of life through long term development, campaings (eg make poverty history) and finaly short term disaster relief. Please give all you can and I'll pop some photos up on my blog about it all to prove I did not only talk the talk but will walk the walk. Warm Regards John