Monday, April 03, 2006

May the Fourth Be With You!

Contain your excitement kids, it's preview of Methodist Council Meeting 4. This is to be hold on Thursday and Friday of this week. So then what classics do our agenda hold? 1) A very large section which looks at the Connexional Staff pension fund and Methodist Church held assests. This very interesting and has provoked some thought about how we really are using our assets...including both accruing and disposal of! 2) Employment Protection for Ministers of Religion - This is a piece of work that looks at alterations that need to be made to ensure that Ministers are protecting, in CPD (the Mehtodist Rule Book) by the new laws that the Department for Trade and Industry are bringing in, also it shows what presentations the Methodist chruch is making to the DTI about its view on all this. It includes exciting reviewals to include the ackowledgement that Ministers can be members of a trade union! 3) Two documents, which outline how a new Methodist Church structure in Wales will work and also how the south of England will work once the old London NE/South east etc districts are broken up and there is a monolith of a lOndon district and others. They provide very interesting and complimentary reading for each other. 4) Foundation Training - This is the "methodist" way of exploring our calling (ie our faith driven urges) and finding out what they are to be utilised to do. This is facilitated in a higher education level by a variety of centres who are Methodist funded. two papers - one which looks at what buildings should exist and all the rest and the other one looks at the content of any training on offer. I am bemused as to why the papers were seperate but there we go. Anywho the latter paper we had before and council thrased it and really not so good and yet it appears to have come back in a similar form so that will be interesting... 5)Ministers and Prespbaters affected by Impairment - This was a report I have been part of teh scrutiny group for and this will be intersting as scrutiny groups are little groups of people who go and look at a specific report on behalf of council and take it from there so be intersting to see their overall feel - as a council - as to how we have worked. 6) Team Focus - Return of the Bogeyman? Team Focus is what is reshaping the Methodist church and trying to help it shed a coupla million pounds a year for a few years so it can fit that dress , so to speak. I won't elaborate but if anyone wishes details then please email me. There is more stuff, I'll pop it up tommorow But if anyone wants more info or to raise an issue then please leave a comment else email me on j (dot) x (dot) cooper (at) Take Care Y'All john