Monday, March 27, 2006

Thoughts from the Train

Some of this was typed on the train on friday then on the train on sunday so please forgive any inadequcies in it! I am a very lucky person; I am almost in Edinburgh and typing this on the train. When I get off the train I am going to head home, On the train to Edinburgh there was an animated conversation by a group of 20somethings about the incoming smoking ban. In the course of three minutes they went from general social comment, through the rigours of the reality of current non-smoking pubs, who’s right was prevalent – the smoker or the passive smoker before ending up with some refection upon what has occurred in Ireland. At which point my food was served so unfortunately I had to return to my seat. That said it was a very interesting exchange and one that will not be uncommon at the moment due to the smoking ban coming in on Sunday. Anywho on Saturday evening I am going to take my digi cam out and follow the last evening of smoking in pubs… … Dude chatting to a mate in the army who was off to Afghanistan and wondering what awaited him. I am off home for the weekend and it seems that my mum got me back for Mothers day without me even realising! I am off home to do nothing for a weekend and then back for a hardcore week of NUS action – yikes! That’s right Kids, I am off to Blackpool Winter Gardens for the National Union of Students’ Conference where I shall be a representative for MUSU. All should be good fun really. Take care y’all John