Saturday, March 25, 2006

All work and No Play....

Well kids, I am in Edinburgh this weekend enjoying some top quality family love, Therefore I thought I would post a few pictures of what I am enjoying...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

'im with the Eyebrows

Today I read an intelligant and thorough newspaper article. This was an interview with the Archbishop of Cantebury, Rowan Williams. Now I have alot of time for Rowan W and have always routed for him, amongst the mess that he and others manages to create, because I get a deep sense of spirituality from him. Somehow he manages to emit spiritual maturity and clarity on a level that few others can. All of this view is backed up by the interview in todays G2 I am going to lift a few bits out from the transcript , but would heavily suggest you read the article prior to reading the full transcript. (all parts in italics are his speech or a quote from the article) First his approach to what the archbishop of cantebury is there to do is a very "head screwed on" approach which is impressive, even more so from the church instiutional as the CofE is. This is summed up by his reflection that, ultimatly, "I just wonder a bit whether, you know, when an archbishop condemns something, suddenly in, I don't know, the bedsits of north London, somebody says, 'Oh, I shouldn't be having premarital sex', or in the cells of al-Qaida, somebody says, 'Goodness, terrorism's wrong, the archbishop says so. I never thought of that.' I'm not sure that's how it is."(R.W) This is a brilliantly perceptive view. For this shows a willingness to accept the world has moved on from a place where there provide an "insta-moral" for the nation. Instead when the church pronounces it can be confident and push for it. When it does though it must apreciate that often it will fall on deaf ears - now few church leaders will be that honest! The other section that really stood out was his comment on schools... He strongly believes that Muslim schools could play "a hugely important step in what you might call the normalising of Islam in many of our communities (R.W)". As for Church of England schools, he argues that "in plain language, we have to ask, are we, even with the best will in the world, producing selective education by covert means?." (R.W) Now this can strike as a slight contradiction, for ultimatly both are aimed at a specific selective audiance. That said the underlying point that we need a proper education about Islam needs to be addressed, for at the moment both us (and the media) allow our interlectual immaturity towards that religion to glaze our viewpoint towards it. One would suspect a muslims actions to lead to all muslims being denounced alot easier than christians because the level of knowledge is about. It also refreshing to hear that he is questioning the social questions of church schools, something I shall admit I don't think churches should be providing. Anywho I only aimed to provide a taster of a brilliant article. I hope you all read and enjoy it Take Care Y'All John


A blogging friend of mine has recently been exploring the concept of the quality of life that a disabled person may lead. I have always been reflecting upon this, because my twin is disabled. Therefore I suppose this is an exploration of my end thoughts framed around the question that my friend posed... So, with the right care and support - with a multidisciplinary approach - can disabled people enjoy 'fullness of life'? Well first we shall have to define the lense through which i am viewing the word disabled, for if you disagree with that then of course you may disagree with what I say but can at least follow the logic! I define anyone who has a part of their body that does not function fully as disabled. therefore if you cannot walk then that is the case, if you have a mental issue then you are and if you have a hearing deficiancy then you are. therefore i am, having being diagnosed with Dyspraxia a few months ago. So then what do we mean as fullness of life? This is a phrase that we often come accross within the religious world yet isn't always defined. I suppose I always imagine it as a world where we, as indiviuals, feel free and liberated to be the person we are always exploring and enhancing our character. This is usualy apparant through a system that is a counter-balance to the status quo and the one I choose is christianity. Let us be honest, with it's values of love, honesty and justice it is a far cry from capitalism and this world! But also life in all it's fullness can only be achieved by the individuals grouping together to help try and spread this infectious feeling really - for to truly get the most out of life you do indeed need others who are flexable to your way of thinking... So can disabled people really achieve this, after all by this world they are already marked out as different and are often viewed as a hastle, an extra ammount of work. Yet what about the value that person brings to others, through the differing challenges and enhancements that all the differing perspectives bring we can begin to be rounded. A disabled person can often provoke us further than we may initialy have thought, for we really look at what we are doing and also who it provides for when we have to think about access. Therefore we are all enhanced by the perspective gifts that others bring. This isn't about our fullness of life due to disabled people, but it does contribute. One of the major problems disabled people face is discrimination and sidelining and so the achievement of reaching a fullness of life is in a place where they are welcomed and apreciated for who they are beyond their disability. The disability is a society defined restricition upon their character and that then clouds other peoples' view of that person. Therefore no matter how full a life that person leads prior if their peers refine and remove them from their social activities and groups because they look at their disability as an issue rather than a thought of consideration. Therefore we are disallowing them ourselves! That said in the realms of spirituality and religious exploration ones ability or otherwise doesn't matter. Many of the stories of jesus are about a disabled person being healed, take the story of the man being lowered through the roof (Mark 2 : vv 1 - 12) . What is the most catching point of that story? At first one may say that of course it is the man being able to walk again. instead I would say the most important fact is that Jesus saw through the society placed inhibitious towards that man, saw through the disease and saw a man who was spiritualy whole. Therefore he was able to declare that his sins were forgiven, much to the chargin of the locals! therefore the walking is supplimentary. supplimentary because I would proberbly say that the walking is instead a physcological walking with his head held high because he had been valued for who he really was. Therefore, to return to original question set by another blogger, i would say that disabled people can lead life in all it's fullness and it's other people that inhibit that. That is not to say that all disabled people lead the most fulfilled and perfect life, instead it is to say that they don't have an inbuilt capability not to. It is others who place the limitations upon the quality of life that a disabled person can lead, just like anybody else. Take care Y'All John

Sunday, March 19, 2006

If there is a god

then I would have to ask what on earth they were doing when allowing the current re-design of the Methodst Church webpage frontage. It doesn't make any sense and is random in the extreme. Whilst liking the new "tags" at teh bottom of the page, they would be better suited to replacing the menu bars at the top. I am confuddled by it all! Anyone here disagree or indeed even care? Take care John

There is a god!

Friday was a rather grim day, I lost the election. that said I am satisfied in winning the moral victory, for reasons outlined in previous post, so I am fairly content - if not happy. that said part of the reason I rather wanted the position is because I know the horrors that have got into power needed a strong governor to keep them in check and i know that the one elected isn't going to be strong. therefore the lefties are out and long live neo-liberalism - shudder! That said upon stumbling back home after a 10 hour wait for the results (consumed a few pints ;) ) I found sitting on my doorstep the complete series one (2005) of doctor who! That immediatly reignited my faith in God in terms of devine intervention..... What fun! Take Care Y'All John