Thursday, March 16, 2006

Doubt : The Utmost Killer

When the curtain falls it's time to get off the stage and that is what I propose to do
Well that is it. The craziness of electioneering is over for one more year. Only unlike last year I know I haven't won this year. this is indeed a sad time, sad because it is partly through my own doing that I suspect I'll loose. 1) I am a current sabbatical officer and I have allowed that to take presidence over electioneering. This is because I believe that I would be letting peopel down if I allowed myself to divert myself from all this work then I would be neglecting the very reason we are here. Whereas my opponant has been unseen from work for the last week and a bit. 2) I am not employing intimidation tactics to get people to vote for me, instead I am obeying all the election rules and simply talking to people instead of thrusting (in a non-sexual way) myself at others, unlike my opponant. 3) I am so very angry and the person who is running against me. Angry because all I have seen from that individual is someone who likes the gravey train and nowt much else, not someone who is out and active empowering, engaging and with differing ideas, instead someone who will be there if it is free and will abstain on votes. It makes me angry, so very very angry. If it were someone else who i had seen demonstrate their commitment to students through actions I would hold my hands up and say "fair cop guv" but I just don't feel that about my opposition. So now I am left feeling like the conservative party in 1997, thus the quote from John Major. I know how they feel to walk around the corridors of power knowing that in a few months time they shall be shut off to you. Whilst I was standing for a non-paid different position I know that my time of being the right place and voice for students is over now. I might stand for a sab position in a year but I doubt it, this is because I know it will be time to move onward and out of london. i don't want to stay in London much longer, i find it an inhibiting and lonely place deviod on sublime natural beatuy. Anyway, think of me tommorow as election results come in. Take care Y'All John

Back again soon

Hello all, I am reaching the end....of my election....and so will blog as of next week. Warm regards John

Apologies About The Lack of Service

Thanks everyone who keeps on checking, in the last three months I have had over 1000 unique page impressions which is most impressive. I am coming ot the end of some election campaigning..... Warm Regards John