Saturday, December 16, 2006

Welcome Mary & Joseph

Today I would like to welcome Mary & Joseph to my blog. They are on an iJourney to Bethlehem using a Blogposada. Therefore lets start with an explanation of what a Posoda is: A posada is a journey undertaken by a representation of the holy couple in the run up to Christmas. This usualy is a journey undertaken by figurines but this is the internet so a picture it shall be! Having recieved the couple into the online home a reflection is given and then they are passed to the next house. The couple were with the cartoon blog"> yesterday and shall depart off for Sue Wallace As I write this I am awaiting news from a pregnant friend of mine, waiting to find out if she has given birth and if so to check all is well with them all. This, of course, is an exciting time and each day now brings a renewed sense of anticipation, will today be the moment when a new life comes into the world. Yet for all the joy this brings there is a darker side to this advent. 3 people close to me have all heard of a death of a friend. 3 different people, 3 different deaths, all the same pain. Whilst the circumstances of each death is different is has brought a cloud over this advent. How can I get excited about the beginning of new life when all I seem to see is the effects of others ending. The darkness within the picture presents a challenge to the more clean, clinical pictures of Christmas we are presented with. This couple is long into pregnancy and tired, yet still they are heading onward because they have no choice as the laws of biology and the land were dictating where they had to go. So then, how do we plough on through the hard , searching, questioning times to reach that moment of joy, excitement, realisation or even just internal contentment. To be honest, I can't give the answer because not only have I not got it but its different for each and everyone one of us. This is what makes Christmas quiet so unique, the birth of this child has a different meaning for each and every one of us - the impact of our personal faith as we continue to travel and explore the message we get will always change, alter and challenge us. Enough thinking, a wee prayer now ------------------------------- Father God Questioning, Challenging Uplifting, Hurting Crying, Laughing Close, Far Ups, Downs Whatever our Journey Stay With Us Amen ------------------------------- (For those with an interest in art, this is a good time to flag up the Methodist Art Collection which has a brilliant collection of classical and modern art, the pictures travel the country, are owened by the Methodist Church (therefore by all Methodist People) and have really enhanced recent books as the pictures are integrated. For those of you who have read "Called By Name" look at the pictures and you'll see most are reference to the collection. Take Care Y'All John * Sun 3rd Dec Andii * Mon 04 Dec Chris Munroe aka Desert Pastor * Tue 05 Dec Jem Clines * Wed 06 Dec Alistair * Thu 07 Dec Lydia * Fri 08 Dec Jennie Swanson * Sat 09 Dec Psalmist * Sun 10 Dec Dr Platypus * Mon 11 Dec Sally Coleman * Tue 12 Dec Jim Palmer * Wed 13 Dec Anne Gogh * Thu 14 Dec Weekend Fisher * Fri 15 Dec Dave Walker * Sat 16 Dec John Cooper - That is here! * Sun 17 Dec Sue Wallace at Abbess of Visions * Mon 18 Dec Lucas * Tue 19 Dec Joanna at Keeping Feet * Wed 20 Dec Adrian at Emerging Church info * Thu 21 Dec Ian Mobsy at Mootblog * Fri 22 Dec Bob Carlton * Sat 23 Dec Chelley at Chelley’s Teapot * Sun 24 Dec Abbey Nous

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