Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sweet Revenge

This week has had a unique sense of Deja-Vue about it. Norman Kember (dude who was held hostage in Iraq) was joined by his two other (surviving) hostages for a press conference (click (here for the subsequent press release containing their statement). In it the "reason for the season" was mooted and it has provided some exciting exploration. Their key message was that of forgiveness, as they were out there to bring peace to start with. This idea of being peacemakers was coupled with their approach to This may all sound like liberal namby-pambyism but it fits will with a piece of Radio 4 radio this week. Off the Page (click here to listen again)explored concepts and experiences of revenge and not only what is revenge but it explores differing levels of revenge and both violent and non-violent forms of it. I though that it provides a good balance and provocation to the grey matter. This is because the underlying message from it is that revenge is not only good but needed but you shouldn't always consider violent revenge. This was illustrated by a brilliant tale within where the child of a person killed in the Israel/Palestine conflict lived incognito with her father's killers and only revealed her true identity after a year and a half. The reaction of the people showed a true indentification of the human impact of the story, this was a version of the Impact statement now being used in the UK courts. Both these examples have provided a form of release and non-violent confrontation/revenge for those who feel wronged by what has gone on. This interlinked with the Norman Kember story as much revoltion to, or suggestion of , revenge to their captors was based upon the implication of the need for violence (even if it is legal violence through a possible death penalty) and so what would our thoughts be if it wasn't violent revenge. Therefore if non-violent revenge can sometimes seem more palatable then does that make it any better? Of course not, revenge is revenge but it can take many forms and take us all by surprise by either the lust for it or when we fall for it. Happy Thinking! Take Care Y'All John

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