Monday, November 20, 2006

A Whole New World....

Methodist Youth Conference 2006 has potentially re-written youth work within the Methodist Church! This year saw an exciting debate, well as exciting as you can get when issues are raised which don't deal with fundementals, culminating in a near unanimous vote. At the end of the session I was asked, by the Methodist Youth Executive, to read a Prayer. This was one chosen by Gary "the Goat" and somehow, and I supect, by pure chance it fitted perfectly with what we had just been through as a group. It is all about giving a loving birth and the pains associated with it....
In the beginning was God In the beginning, the source of all that is. In the beginning, God yearning, God moaning, God labouring, God giving birth. God rejoicing! And God loved what she made. And God said, 'it is good!' Then God, knwing that all that is good is shared, held the earth tenderly in her arms. God yearned for relationships, God longed to share the good earth. And humanity was born in the yearning of God. We were born to share the earth. Amen Writen by Rosemary Well (Europe area President of World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Methodist Church Women)

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  1. and the debate was about what? and what motion was passed?

    I'm intrigued

    good to hear that the MYC continues to be a platform for interesting debate and challenges for the church as a whole.