Monday, November 27, 2006

What A Friend We Have in Jesus

It's Christmas time and, like Easter, this brings with it a major advertising campaign from the Churches Advertising Network. This year the mildly satirical posters feature a beer glass with what could be said to be a vision of Jesus in it. The idea behind it is summated in the stapline "Where will you find him" and is about the challenge of a media obsessed with "visions" of Jesus from sandwiches to beer glasses. But also there is something good about this being the Christmas series of posters. The point of Christmas ,and why the story is so exciting, is because it is only the beginning. Therefore as everyone will happily have "Peace this Christmas" cards on their mantelpiece, how many of us shall live that out throughout the year? Also it appears that Jesus (as part of this campaign) now has a MySpace page, which can be found here. Take Care Y'All John

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  1. I was drawn to the recent ad campaign of the united church of canada for their new website I suggest you click on the icon in the bottom left so you can see the adcampaigns. They are very good.