Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Missing Pressumed Squashed

Well today is an interesting day but fustrating day: 1) I have a stinking cold which was no doubt brought on by speaking at Youth Conference.. fine well repeatadly speaking at Youth Conference throughout the w/end. I tried to take some pills this morning but really could swallow at all - hmm all rather grim! 2) My hat has gone awol today and is missing pressumed lost in my room somewhere. Hope your all doing well Take care Y'all John


  1. Thats very sad. Hope you find the hat soon, its somewhat your trademark!
    Hope you're doing a bit better.

    Luv Lyd

  2. Hollywood Dave4:11 am

    its somewhat your trademark!

    In place of "somewhat" read "Undeniably and inseperably"

    Where was it in the end?