Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Archbishop of Canterbury on God

I have made it back from Council, survived it just! That said I have been rather ill so unable to provide the relevant preview so many apologies. Tonight I have been listening to an amazing programme, Humphrys in Search of God, on the listen again facility after I missed it's initial broadcast on Radio 4. The programme, as the name suggest, is an exploration of what it means to believe in a God, lead by John Humphrys (of Today programme fame). He is an ex-Christian but wants to know what it means to believe in a religious God and is exploring this by interviewing faith leaders from the Christian,Muslim and Jewish religions. Tonight was the turn of Christianity and the interviewee was Archbishop Rowan Williams, a man for whom I have the greatest respect. It provides a fascinating intellectual battle as John and Rowan spar (in an exploratory sense) what it means to believe in God and also what do you do if you don't believe but want to. To hear the Archbishop so eloquent and intelligently explore and define his belief. The idea that you either believe in God or you don't was under severe challenge through the programme. Through the variety of examples offered you got a true sense of blind christian belief coupled with an understanding and humanity for the common man (in the people sense). The end result of the programme was the understanding that neither had shifted their initial starting points, Rowan wasn't about to become a atheist and John wasn't about to return to the Christianity he left. That didn't matter though, what did happen was real intellectual radio that grappled with the issues of faith in both a hypothetical and real manner. If you wish to listen to the show then I suggest you click... here. or you can listen to an hour long interview, rather than polished programme by clicking here. Take Care Y'All John

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