Tuesday, October 17, 2006

What in the World Are You Upto?

Today is nominated as a celebration of the mundane. In a unique piece of social history recording the National Trust is asking everyone to "blog" (ie write an online journal) on what they have done today and to submitt in on their site - - - - > click here for the webpage. This is a day picked as a nothing day but through the mundane we find out so much and this will be the most amazing record for years to come. I have been recently re-reading the Mass Observation diaries from the second world war and creation of the welfare state. They are exactly the same as this mass blog and record the mundane, yet because I have no concept of what it was like to live then (even though it is only 60 years ago) and these diaries have given me a true insight into what it was really like, rather than just what propaganda tells it was like! So go on, go on, go on, record your day for prosperity - from getting up to have a cup of tea to running the country we all have something import to add to the history of this nation. Take Care Y'All John

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