Saturday, October 14, 2006

We are marching in the name of peace

In Scotland at the moment there is a wonderful movement afoot. This is the Scotland 4 Peace campaign that have it's aims as:
1. For a majority of Scottish MPs, MSPs, Councillors and MEPs to speak out publicly against the replacement of Trident 2. The Scottish Executive to establish a Scottish Centre for Peace and Justice 3. Establish an annual Scottish Peace Day 4. The Scottish Executive to establish an effective Defence Diversification Agency to plan the replacement of defence jobs
This shows true spirit and is supported by church groups (though I fail to find a listing of which ones) and with the Scottish Parliament elections coming up next May it looks like the churches will once again be helping shape the issues that get the nation talking - just what needs to be happening! EDITED : It seems turbulent cleric has been having similar thoughts and posted the following film about our United Methodist cousins...

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