Saturday, October 14, 2006

I Blah therefore I shall Blog....

Revd Andrew Roberts Up next was the Revd Andrew Roberts. He is a Methodist minister and works for the joint Anglican/Methodist Fresh Expressions project. He set out by explaining that many people view either fresh expressions or emerging church and rarely are the two seen as the same thing, an important way of seeing how different people view things which others see as the same (this idea of one being different from other was later challenged by a questioner who saw both intertwining). The main jist of what he was saying was that all successful projects have 3 key parts to them... 1) Prayer and Support 2) Listening and Following of Gods call* 3) Connexion *This is a listening and following of Gods call in that locality and not just a personal one The starting point for any new piece of work is to get out and to really know the place you are serving, whilst we bring many talents we do not bring the answer to the area - the only thing that provides those answers are the people that you meet. This was exemplified by the Liverpool Project called "somewhere else". This was one where the Methodist Central Hall was shut and the minister spent a year walking the streets to discern what the new need was and she felt called to produce bread with people within the centre of the city. "This is not a church, this is a house of God" Homeless dude in the film We then moved onto the idea that emerging church was the step after church planting. This is because church planting provided the answers (ie Worship) without allowing the community to decide on their need and end up as a worshiping community by naturally evolving into it. He finished with us examining some disciple causes and there was some interesting critiques of them from the attendees. But with all this hard work done it was off to lunch and that when we all got to know each other. Ben Edson Back after lunch for less lecture and more group discussion. Ben gave many real life examples, from the project he is linked to, Sanctus1,and was challenging all of us. We had to look at the way new media talks to us and how to integrate that into our worship. Also to look at how we ferment and grow as communities and what the key idea of community is and what it represents. After all this there was a short panel discussion and all then we all went home. I felt the need to blog at reasonable length about it because they are important things that are being covered. The work by John Drane, in particular, presents not only a challenge but also a way forward for me. He doesn't present that answers but he manages to solidify much of modern day thinking into ways of looking at what the church presents and leaving us to come up with the answers. Next month at Blah there is a talk on New Monasticism and I shall defiantly be there.... Take Care Y'all John

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