Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Televisual Feast

This week is to provide a televisual feast. It somehow seems that now the good weather is out the television companies realise what decent television is all about..... The first item to note is a linked one really. The first is a re-visit to The Monestry , a cracking wee programme update on a stunner of a show from last year. The synopsis of the show is taking a number of males from normal life and sticking them in a living, active monestry and seeing what happens. It really did provide gripping and though provoking television. The overwhelming success of this has lead to a female version called The Convent, also on BBC Two. The only let down of it all is that it wasn't to be called "The Nunnery".. a word I have always enjoyed. Second up is a brilliant series on BBC4 charting the era of silnet films . The diversity and hilarity of what was produced has been noteable with a bustor keaton fest followed by a Charles Chaplin. We now move, this week, onto my personal favourites of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Between them the idea of slapstick reached new levels so I urge you all to try and catch some of their stuff this week. Take Care Y'All john

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