Monday, June 26, 2006

On Trident we say.....No!

I have been listening, via the live radio stream, to the very interesting debate on trident weapons. This is in light on the Ethics of Warfare paper that presents the outcome of a Methodist Church dedicated to campaigning to prevent the replacement of Trident. The replacement of Trident is a major challenge to all of us. The idea that we, as a nation, will allow £26bn to be spent on building a weapons system that will never be used. Never be used because if one was unleashed it would wipe out a continent and poision our god-given planet for millenia. After all of that we cannot even fully control the weapons as they are leased from America and we can't release the weapons until america says yes. The debate was long and hard but very interesting. No one stood up, in the portion that I heard, and defending nuclear weapons. Whilst some viewed it as a neccessary evil, ie better in the club than out, others saw our calling to stand firm on this issue now. In the end the church voted to adopt the report and to adopt section 34/4
34/4. The Conference opposes replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system and urges the UK Government to take leadership in disarmament negotiations in order to bring about the intention of the Non-Proliferation Treaty for the elimination of all nuclear weapons.
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