Thursday, June 01, 2006

Money : Money : Money

Good day to you all Step one of "going green" in the house was achieved yesterday with each housemate being presented with an energy effecient lightbulb. After I had fitted them in everyones room I swiftly explained the what, where, who, why and when (or should that read Zen) of them. This was recieved with quiet bemusement but not hostility so I hope that discussions and decisions can be reached. This has been tested by talking with one or two in the house about it and now I am off searching out bulk puirchasing for recycled toilet paper (harder that you think - the purchasing, not the paper) and then prices for cleaning products. The assesement of cleaning products was rather shocking and revealing somehow. This was because it made me realise how lazy we had all become in the house. Lazy to put in a decent scrub or clean and instead wishing to unleash germicidal warfare upon our hosue by spraying chemicals all over. But this has only come about because of our money situation which this year has been good. The appearance of money in the house has been a gradual thing but both faith and I have been holding down steady jobs for the last year and our lives have changed. Somehow though they have changed for the easy option because we have that option. This easy option isn't always the best one though. How can that be you cry. Afterall, who really wants to spend a few hours scrubbing the floor when a large can of domestos can do , what you can do with soap and and a brush, in half the time. A challenge indeed. Yet as I come to the end of my year with a job and a steady wage I know I have reached past living comfortably and now live a life of excess. Excesses which are not huge but all add up. I have saved some money and then had to plough that back into paying off bills etc (though should get that cash back cause I was covering for otehr people) but the rest has been frittered away. A think to ponder upon : How many of you have bought a take-away because you couldn't bothered/too busy to cook. It always costs more than making it from scratch and it soon adds up to a very large amount of money over a year. They really are convenience foods. Why this stress on money? It comes from a debate some people were meating out on the "theConnexion" messageboard after I had posted about the CoOrdinating secretaries jaunt. This was because some peopel were not convinced that we, as in the Methodist Church, should be fundrainsing for ourselves.
I entreat you, in the name of the Lord Jesus, act up to the dignity of your calling! No more sloth! Whatever your hand findeth to do, do it with your might! No more waste! Cut off every expense which fashion, caprice, or flesh and blood demand! No more covetousness! But employ whatever God has entrusted you with, in doing good, all possible good, in every possible kind and degree to the household of faith, to all men! This is no small part of "the wisdom of the just."
John Wesley - Sermon 50 - On The Use of Money John Wesley would have a thing or two to say about how we spend our monies and the discussion on fundrainsing for ourselves does raise the above quote. For if we are to believe in the Methodist Church as a bringer of Gods Kingdom, through areas such as fund for home mission (for which the walk is raising money) then we need to bite the bullet and forgo that night out on the tiles and hand the money to where we see doing good. If we don't see immediate benefits to our own commmunity does that matter? Maybe not because we shouldn't always be spending our money for personal gain and satisfactionn. This is what stewardship is all about. Spending wisely and well so that all may benefit and that we may not use our own gifts to neglect and punish what has been provided. So then, to finish, how good a steward of our resources are we being if the Automobile is one of our highest outgoings for the week? For those, like me, who don't own a car then a challenge to jot down all you spend in a week and look at what , where , who that money goes to and how it affects the world The power of one, under capitlism, is immmense. The good the individual can do is soon undone by the selfishness of others. Take Care Y'All John

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  1. well done John- all good stuff and facing up to challenges many shy away from- we have energy efficient lightbulbs- grade AAA appliances where possible etc... just wrote a post on contentment on Emerging Voices that echose what you are saying-
    one step at a time, we are guilty if we do not move forward!!!