Friday, May 12, 2006


Well folks, Hope you are all doing well. The secrecy deadline has been and gone so I can spill the beans on the latest Methodist Council meeting. As some of you may know the Methodist Church is in the middle of restructuring the programme for Pre-Ordination training to fully reflecdt modern training needs, as they percieve it. This was illustrated by the paper presented at the Feb and then the April meetings about the new style of training on offer. Seperate to that was a look at the training institutions that shall be used for residential training. This very seperation seems a most random one and, to me, sums up one of the major weaknesses of alot of the revisioning work that is going on. We are seeing the results of bits 'n bobs which are half connected but are being done by seperate people therefore they never fully reflect one and another. This was illustrated by the last two councils and everyone being rather bemused as how one impacts 'tother etc... Anywho, back to this particular incident. The emergancy meeting was called because the Council rejected the suggestions for the two venues where the training should be offered in a residential format. This is a very big decision to be made as it does show where the Connexion wants to send its people to train and thus a big showing on the state of the mind of the world. So, to cut to the chase, where were the two places that were decided upon at this emergancy meeting..... ...... Nearly there ..... "06.3.11 The Council therefore agreed that the combined ‘package’ of Queen’s College, Birmingham, and Wesley House, Cambridge, provided the advantages of two contrasting institutions, giving a wide range of ministerial training and learning opportunities within Methodism. Queen’s College was seen to offer valuable formational experience and multi-cultural and cosmopolitan opportunities, plus strong ecumenical and world church links. Wesley House, Cambridge, offered a contrasting experience with an emphasis upon teaching, learning and research." So cambridge and Birmingham. A fascinating duo and not the two I prefered anyway! I was thinking that Birmingham and Durham would have made a nicer pair and would have taken it out from a more central / southern english outlook for a church that is meant to serve all of the uk. That said we shall see, maybe this is just some of my personal bias which doesn't always look on Cambridge that favourably. But the room was full of ex cambridge bods so when the voting took place it didn't surprise that they chose that place. So the Methodist Ministers of the future, who decide to go residential to train, will indeed go to Birmingham or Cambridge..... what japes! Take Care Y'All john


  1. As one who did my pre ordination training at Wesley House (I did foundation at Northern Ordination Course) I am glad to see Wesley House survive. However, I take it this means curtains for Wesley College in Bristol which even if necessary is sad. I know many with good memories of training there. Is this a sign of a further move to non residential training becoming the norm?

  2. Anonymous4:30 pm

    I am confused about the whole change thing. Does that mean the York Institute for Theology and the Theology and Ministry course will be stopped? If so that means people will have to travel away from home? THINK OF THE MONEY (or lack of) that people do (or indeed do not) have!!!!!

  3. Anonymous4:30 pm

    by the way the last comment was from Lydia