Tuesday, March 21, 2006

'im with the Eyebrows

Today I read an intelligant and thorough newspaper article. This was an interview with the Archbishop of Cantebury, Rowan Williams. Now I have alot of time for Rowan W and have always routed for him, amongst the mess that he and others manages to create, because I get a deep sense of spirituality from him. Somehow he manages to emit spiritual maturity and clarity on a level that few others can. All of this view is backed up by the interview in todays G2 I am going to lift a few bits out from the transcript , but would heavily suggest you read the article prior to reading the full transcript. (all parts in italics are his speech or a quote from the article) First his approach to what the archbishop of cantebury is there to do is a very "head screwed on" approach which is impressive, even more so from the church instiutional as the CofE is. This is summed up by his reflection that, ultimatly, "I just wonder a bit whether, you know, when an archbishop condemns something, suddenly in, I don't know, the bedsits of north London, somebody says, 'Oh, I shouldn't be having premarital sex', or in the cells of al-Qaida, somebody says, 'Goodness, terrorism's wrong, the archbishop says so. I never thought of that.' I'm not sure that's how it is."(R.W) This is a brilliantly perceptive view. For this shows a willingness to accept the world has moved on from a place where there provide an "insta-moral" for the nation. Instead when the church pronounces it can be confident and push for it. When it does though it must apreciate that often it will fall on deaf ears - now few church leaders will be that honest! The other section that really stood out was his comment on schools... He strongly believes that Muslim schools could play "a hugely important step in what you might call the normalising of Islam in many of our communities (R.W)". As for Church of England schools, he argues that "in plain language, we have to ask, are we, even with the best will in the world, producing selective education by covert means?." (R.W) Now this can strike as a slight contradiction, for ultimatly both are aimed at a specific selective audiance. That said the underlying point that we need a proper education about Islam needs to be addressed, for at the moment both us (and the media) allow our interlectual immaturity towards that religion to glaze our viewpoint towards it. One would suspect a muslims actions to lead to all muslims being denounced alot easier than christians because the level of knowledge is about. It also refreshing to hear that he is questioning the social questions of church schools, something I shall admit I don't think churches should be providing. Anywho I only aimed to provide a taster of a brilliant article. I hope you all read and enjoy it Take Care Y'All John


  1. Rachel Cavill11:37 am

    Coming up through church schools, where a wide variety of faiths (and atheists were present) I believe I've seen church schools done well. My experience was a positive one, of people with different religeous backgrounds coming together in a space which respected all religions and gave us time and energy to explore them.

    From chatting to various friends, I've heard of many places across the country where thy are done badly - they become bastions of false christendom, with parents attending church just to get their child into the school.

    I think there's a challenge there - if we can do church schools well, then they are worth maintaining, otherwise they should quite rightly disappear.

  2. I'll have a read another time, but what do you think of RW's theology? I don't know much about it to be honest, though I'm not sure I'd immediately support him...

  3. have nothing of use to say, only that he has AMAZING eyebrows!

  4. Can an archbishop state that something is immoral and have an impact? Yes, if the archbishop (or whatever person or position) has built up a well of moral credibility. Otherwise, such proclamations will seem as ridiculous as Rowan Williams alleges.