Sunday, March 19, 2006

If there is a god

then I would have to ask what on earth they were doing when allowing the current re-design of the Methodst Church webpage frontage. It doesn't make any sense and is random in the extreme. Whilst liking the new "tags" at teh bottom of the page, they would be better suited to replacing the menu bars at the top. I am confuddled by it all! Anyone here disagree or indeed even care? Take care John


  1. am going to look now!

    Glad God sent the doctor who dvd's .... lol. good old God eh?

    we need to talk soon... yeh, soon.


  2. I do quite like the new layout, it would help if the news on the right-hand side was vaguely current, we've still got the launch of MWR on it.

    It's a bit icky in terms of design, no real coherence to any one design theory.

  3. Definately care! Where can I find it?