Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Over the past few days I have been incredibly vulnerable. This is a feeling that is rarely enjoyable and often petrifying but somehow left me thinking... Are we all vulnerable infront of God yet somehow we don't always feel that horrible feeling that accompanies the human feeling of being vulnerable before someone else. Is it this open and raw emotion that is truly at play during the more charasmatic of churches which whip their people into such a frenzy and reduce the human being to tears. Or is this vulnerability instead coupled with the knowledge that God loves us all no matter what we do - is it that blanket love that we never feel when opening ourselves up human to human? Well not the lengthiest of posts, nor the best-spelt but there we are. Take care Y'All John


  1. I think it depends on the person.....certainly for me the vunerability can reduce me to tears in seconds, while the knowledge that God loves me whatever is what allows me to feel set free.....and usually results in me looking more of a fool than usual :p

  2. knowing God loves me eternally can easily reduce me to tears... easily.

    i think the reason we dont feel vulnerable in front of God in a negative sense like we do with humans is that God doesnt ever let us down. humans do. we know God loves and always loves us.

    infact we shouldnt feel vulnerable with God!