Saturday, February 11, 2006

Methodist Council Preview

Right then, down to buisness straight away. This upcoming Methodist Council (16-17th feb 2006) provides some fascinating papers. Rather than go through each one in detail, I'll save that for my return, I shall outline some ones that have lept out to me..... - In the order they are printed - 1)Use of funds in relation to Israel and Palestine - This is a response to the Notice of Motion 28, (ie statement of idea that the church has to chase up and impliment how it sees fit) to the last Methodist Conference. It came from York and Hull and requests that the Methodist church examines any investments the Central Finance Board may have invested in companies that are deemed to "support the illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip". Therefore, a rather similar situation to that faced by the Church of England this very week when it voted to no longer invest in such companies. 2)Team Focus Group One - Evangelism - This is the first report back from a grounclearing project, in light of the Team Focus document, that examined the way the church currently supports/funds/enacts a situtation and looks to see what it should be doing - a distinct difference one may suspect across all projects! This one is a discussion paper about what outcomes they have come up with but also as a trial to how the group has successfully grasped the "mind of the church" over the issue of evangelism. I shall be sitting down and going through this with a fine tooth comb to see how "out of the box" it looks - not in a buzz words sense but in creating new ideas and ensuring an environment where the new ideas are nurtured. 3) Review of Methodist Conference - At the last Methodist conference a review was reported back, about the true purpose and size etc of the Methodist conference. It contained challenges to us all and this current set of reccomendations from the working group also does. for the issues of speed, effeciency (with such a alarge agenda) and cost effectiveness can almost ensure that the true art of conferring (so making decisions by conference) can be lost amongst a well organised and souless event. Therefore another one for a fine tooth comb..... 4) Disability Justice Strategy - This paper comes from the work of the Equalities and Diveristy Officer, and it creates a series of recommendations that should broaden the participation and support on offer from the church towards people with disabilites. As someone knowing people with many differing disabilites, within my own family circle and beyond then I am particularily interested in this. This interest has lead to me putting forward my name to be on the focus group to evaluate the report that was submitted on this issue, a much longer and more rhobust document. There are one or two others but I am needing clarification sent to me about the true nature of the outcomes envisiaged so I wouldn't wish to mislead anyone about what they could mean! If you have any comments, questions or queries please leave them else email me.... Take Care Y'all John

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