Wednesday, January 25, 2006


spirituality as a concept is a very random and evolving concept. Twenty or thirty years ago it would have been of a revivalist, in the Billy Graham , style and yet now it is more placid and thoughtful. This new essence of spirituality is a terribly exciting one, it is slowly evolving towards a post-denominational age back towards denominations that are built upon firm foundations but need to be fluid in their day to day practice. This is an exhilerating prospect because it has more potential to carry a wider section of people (rather than just young rable rousers) with them into a greater and wider understanding of how to live out the christian live through worship, mission and praise. But how, you bellow at me, can I claim such things. Well if we examine the very way that spirituality is different to spoon fed religion then we hit upon the personal experiential journey that is not tied to any denomniation or outlook at first. That reads harshly at first, yet if you re-read it then in reality whatever group is stimulating that persons religion is a means to the end and not one you would fight to your dying breath for. Thus, once you are steadfast in your faith you need to look further and develop rather than explore and often this is where the denominations should be really kicking in. The refocusing of the methodist church onto "Our calling" and the similar escapades with the Church of Scotland all show a realisation that we are no longer monoliths of christian religion, instead we are all there to offer a vital peice of the fabric of modern christian living but we need to define who and what we are. Anywho, a decent programme for you to all enjoy which I heard on Sunday evening. Something understood is a rather old fashioned arts-based exploration of spiritual issues, often from a christian perspective. This weeks was along the exploration of spirituality and I most enjoyed it. If this has whetted your appitie then please click here to listen to it. Take Care Y'All John

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