Monday, January 09, 2006

Oh to be a Bishop!

I am in the middle of writing my response to the Methodist Conference paper from 2005 challenging us to consider "What Sort of Bishops?" should be applicable within the British Methodist Church. Anyway, to give you a flavour of the outlook I am taking then I could think of no better persons' words to plagurise then Mr John Wesley who wrote....... "How can you, how dare you suffer yourself to be called Bishop? I shudder, I start, at the very thought! Men may call me a kave or a fool, a rascal or a scoundral, and I am content; but they shall never by my consent call me Bishop! For my sake, for God's sake, for Christ' sake put a full end to this!" Now whilst this may, in reality, be not a disuasion from use of the word bishop and more for want of staying within the Anglican Communion (as the Methodists had not departed from it in this country at this point, and he was writing to Methodists in the US (Ashby and Coke), even so such vitriolic anger towards such a title is notable. Take Care Y'All John

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