Monday, January 09, 2006

Methodist council Dec 05 - Part 2!

Well you thought you had escaped, no no the joy of Methodist Council reports continues! Well re-read the first post then you knew we were mearly at the preliminaries and the fun was about to begin! 5 / Chair of Council - Well one issue that I haven't delt with so far was what came up next, the chair of Methodist Council. At the moment it is chaired between the President and Vice President (more than ably assisted by Ken Howcroft) but the review of council asked for that to change. Instead the idea was a constant chair for a period of three years chosen from presidents and vice-presidents who wished to stand for the job. All clear so far? It was decided that the way to elect the person was by secret ballot, huzzah!, but that members of the council would be "sufficiently familure" with the candidates to avoid needing things such as statements or manifestos to be submitted. So we, the 'umble member, would be given a peice of paper with a list of names and exected to vote from that. I wern't happy about that so raised my objections about how "old boys club" it felt. This took on a life of it's own and ended up as an "official" resolution but was lost (by around 30 to 22 votes). But this was only because some members of council didn't wish for the election of a chair to be put off any longer whilst statements were got from the current people. Therefore in future statements will always have to be taken (hooray!) but for this one none were and , surprise surprise, the most recent president got the job. This is no commment either in favour or against the winner only with no statements it will be done on memory and the most recent was therefore more likely to win! 6/ The Methodist Council is, technicaly, the employer of the entire connexional team and this can provide some logistical issues therefore a paper was passed sending proposals to Confernece as to how (in reality) this can be administered and who can take decisions on behalf of council. 7/ Make Poverty History - A cracking powerpoint display was shown outlining all that had gone on , in the name of the methodist church, for the Make Poverty History campaign. This covered a variety of events and people and was backed up by a report mirroring the pictures. Unfortuantly I had to stand up and pass comment that there was only a singal mention of Youth Conference throughtout the report. This was a gross understatement of the commitment of Youth conference to the issue. Since around 2002 the trade justice coalition (who organised MPH) have been supported by the Youth conference through the MAYC WOrld Action worker. This campaigning has seen national days and the Methodist Youth Executive attend all the demos and lobby Hilary Benn and meet Gordon Brown. Throughout all of this the exec were used by methodist church to act as stewards, helpers, banner wavers etc and we loved it. It was great fun! But the recognition was needed so when people look back and try to see what was done to see so little about the youth conference and exec was distressing really. 8/ Further Education - This was a paper joint produced with the Church of England Education Devision . Originaly this had been placed within en-bloc buisness. This is where it is taken on the nod with little or no comment, but I requested it pulled out for full debate for a variety of reasons. These were raised by both myself and others but mainly centred around the idea that a connexionaly considered paper has to include education for all the regions and the membership of council has more than the england on it! This provoked much thought and we are told that more localised , but national, issues will be checked for prior to papers being brought to council. There is more to come, not much but more , and I shall save that for tommorow! Take Care Y'all John

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