Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Light the Candle

Today was the day that the hundreth death, in the British army, from the Iraq Conflict hit home. It is a very sad day. sad because we were taken to war by a government which lied and has now tried to cover for this and change the story to swing it round from Weapons of Mass Distruction to Human Rights. Whilst little can be argued over the human rights abuses, we were taken to war because of WMDs which it was said he had and then the oil was the only thing secured. Water, Gas, internal security all fell by the wayside as the allies put their resources into saving the natural resources of that country. Yet the insurgance still fought back and the soldiers are still out there and dying whilst this country detests what the soldiers are dying for. To put each life into perspective I think of a quote from the Adolph Eichman trial.... After 6million pairs of eyes - what does one eye matter? Little more needs said over this sad affair. Take care Y'All john

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