Friday, January 13, 2006

Final Methodist Council Report for Dec Meeting..

So, the final slot for Methodist Council (December) report. This means that it is very little time till the next one – indeed the paperwork comes out in three weeks! 11/ Southlands College – This was a minor technical issue that slightly adjusted the people named as governors of this Methodist College. As ever, even though it was a very important issue, the vote was verbal. 12/ Cliff College – Jonathan Kerry presented a very interesting paper that outlined possible moves for the future as the Methodist Theological College and the loan the Connexion gave it. As part of securing it’s financial future it was also examining the fields that it owns and if any were to be sold off where would be the best to sell to enable future development of the site by the college without encroaching on the sold land. This reminded me of a fact that had been in the Guardian that very week illustrating a loss of 100,000 spaces for playing purposes between 1994 and 2004. I know this figure has dropped since Blair came in (in 1997) but even so he has not halted the selling of playing fields and then moans about a lack of fit and young and healthy children/young people and the fact they have nothing to do. Join up thinking there mate – go on … just this once! 13/ General Secretaries Report – David Deeks presented a very interesting report which was more of an ideological report than a “what I have done” one. I had a few questions around it but overall found it a very good and positive report. It presented challenges to the Methodist Church as a whole about how it faces the challenges we are being forced to engage in. But there are three parts that I had issue with. I will post up the other two later as it was more a symantic one but the third was a fundamental disagreement as this was… - The statement where he states that he thinks that God is providing the Methodist Church with the correct number of ministers for what it needs to fulfil. Whilst I do not doubt the honesty of his answer I am not persuaded by it myself. I more see that we have the ministers that the current membership of the church creates. Therefore we have a group of middle aged minsters that are then leading the church into a middle aged (and over) membership over and above the youth and young adult profile that we are looking for. 14/ Buildings – This is an ongoing piece of work that the council had it’s attention drawn to by an audit of the needs of districts in regards to council. This is a review and some brain beating about buildings and what we do with them and how we approach them. This is not “a plot” to get rid of buildings but a way to look at what bricks and motor resources we have and if we are using them correctly. If we are then are the people inside realising that there is more to church than the building. If we are not then what could the best course of action be. There will be a presentation of the new Buildings DVD produced by Alan Pimlott and his buildings corp in February which is exciting!. 15/ Election of Council Reps to Edinburgh Conference – Unfortunately my mate Chris Iddon wasn’t selected by council and many commiserations, council lost a quality contributor there. 16/ En Bloc – This was a large bloc of items, many single or double sentences and new people being appointed to connexional level committees. This was passed by grunt and if you want to see what it is then please check the minutes! After all that that was council meeting over….phew! It was a fun day and I was fully engaging with the meeting and I hope that you feel I am going some way to represent young people on this committee. If you have any questions/queries/comments then please do get in touch – young or old! Take Care Y’All john

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