Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Fathers 4 Justice or Mi5?

So then Fathers 4 Justice to cease as a campaigning group. In the short time they have been in existance they have managed to change the entire agenda that family rights are viewed in the media. After a very pro-female bias the media begin to look at it from a mans perspective in a positive light. This was a very major step forward as it began to level it out to a "which parent is best" discussion. That said the very nature by which this very visual group is to cease stinks. It really makes me think that they have been infultrated by Mi5, ala the work during the Miners Strike which subverted the National Union of Miners during the aforemention dispute to ensure that the state won out. The fact the government refuses to comment on the Fathers4Justices comments when they would usualy be rejoicing when a pain in the Btm leaves I do begin to wonder. So a good day to bury bad news - proberbly. I shall look forward to the papers tommorow and see what horrors are placed in page 10.... Take Care Y'All john

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  1. Mmm whilst not exactly a fan of Fathers for Justice, I am a tad suspicious of this story. Anyhting that has little evidence other than the say so of No 10 and the Sun is rather unlikely.