Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Happy Burns night everyone! Indeed that great day of drunkeness and 18th centruary social poetry is upon us. As the general sheninigans kick off it made me think about the nature of Britishness, in light of Gordon Brown spekaing on the need to celebrate it. Therefore I am going to traverse all the four countries that make up the UK and review an arts item from each. The list looks like: 1) North Ireland - Loyalists (Book) 2) Scotland - Soil and Soul (Book) 3) Wales - How Green is Your Valley (welsh) 4) English: The study of a people - Book Then to reach a form of conclusion at the then end of it all. Well nowt else to comment on at the moment because I am going crazy at work, but thought would trailer whats' coming next to ensure you keep coming back. Warm Regards John

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