Monday, October 03, 2005


Hello once again. Since I last posted an incredibly large ammount has happened. This is mainly at my place of work, Middlesex University Students' Union ( What has happened here is a triumph of shoddyness. We have a Student Union President who has to implement student union policy. we have a policy to allow Hizb-ut-Tahir to operate on campus. The group hit the headlines over the summer and so we put out a press release explaining we felt them to be a group worth giving the time of day to and that if their allowance to operate on campus was to be withdrawn (whilst they were not a legally banned organisation) then the Student Body would make that decision through a meeting with this group. The university heard about the meeting and requested the President to stop the meeting, he didnt for the reasons outlined above and next thing we know he has been suspended. Anywho this has thrown a dis-united Union into even more anarchy and has led to much stress about the place. That said I take great strength and solice from the students of Mdx who turned out at 9am on a Friday morning to Support our President. Was a wonderful moment and did much to restore faith after the executive of this union refused to back him. What a vile meeting that was. Anywho he is now back in office and under a variety of restraining orders restricting what he can say to some prewritten statements prepared by the university. All in all a rather rum affair and duly followed everys tep of teh way by Polly Curtis in The Guardian online, so sit back and relax whiolst reading about how the sh*t really hit the fan here! (,,1582157,00.html) *Update this tale of an institutional gaggin gets todays education guardian in the Higher Education section!* Oh and what a week of hot Methodist Action! That's right I cannot wake without hearing that word. The week started with a mention of the Methodist Connexional Evangalism Co-Ordinator as he was at the launch of the 100 minute Bible. I am amused by the thought, but having been fustrated by the Guardians digested read of many books I suspect that its' good bits won't be my good bits and so will alround be fustrated. Indeed on the bible front I do tend to take much umbridge at the lack of coherance to the original text as displayed in modern versions like the Street Bible. I have no idea why they wish to leave bits out - it is too leading to the reader and generally crap. The second Methodist to appear was an ex President of the Irish Conference. Rev Harold Good acted as an observer to the decommisioning of the entire IRA arsenal of weapons. this is indeed good times and I felt strangely warmed (he he) to see that a Methodist was chosen to be the Protestant oversear. The Methodist church in Northern Ireland gets little press over here therefore was good to see such a positive role model for the religious communities in the press, specially from N.I. That said it has made me pondering over the legacy of Methodism and I suspect that you will all be subjected to a cascade of ponderances on that subject fairly soon. The third Methodist was someone who was on stage for the comedy Store playes last night. That's right, he played the Devil and it was great. A quote to summate the evening comes from Paul Merton's lips "You can say F*ck on stage, he just said "Say God's a C*nt" and he's a Methodist". Therefore I cheered heartily then but wished I had learnt the old age art of Methodist Temperance as my bank balance and also my outlook for today is not as clear as it was yesterday. As if that wasn't exciting enough I have placed an order for minutes of conference for this year having had my copy of CPD drop through my door. I think I am going to have to sit down! I will update soon, though if anyone knows of a decent MacOSX offline updater for then please let me know! Take Care Y'All John