Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Spraycan of Death or Liberation?

Today I would like to share with you some work that another friend of mine has recently found and enjoyed. This is work by the urban street artist who goes by the name "Banksy". He is a secretive chap who sprays stencils of political and social satire (often)onto buildings , bridges etc. This time he has gone one bigger and put some images on the monstrosity that is the Aparteid Wall in Israel. This wall is one that has been put up for the exact reason that the state of Israel said it needed to be formed, to protect a certain group of peopel from ethnic cleansing. Only this time it is the Jewish state that seems hell bent on cleansing the surroudnign area of their arab brothers. That said, due to the underhand way in which the state came about (oh looks like Britain has made another post colonial mistake there!) gruops within the local Palestinian population is also setting about to remove the state of Israel. Therefore we have one state arguing with another. The reasoning why I have used the definition of state is becuase you constantly hear that the people the state is meant to work for do not wish the violence. This wish to avoid violence is illustrated by the many cross cultural initiatives that occur and also with much of the peacemaking that is so prevelant. Yet for as long as western countries entertain the idea of a two state solution then there will always be issues. If one wishes to see why this could be the outcome then a glance accross the waters to Northern Ireland illustrates the absurdity of allowing ethnicity to decide who or what is the nation. Anywho,this wall is set up to keep out the Palestinians...oh sorry...palestian bombers from attacking, instead it appears to be a subtle way of building up a definate border for teh country of Israel along lines and borders that have not been agreed. By all sides, except the Israle government, it is seen as a monstrosity and Banksy has added his own twist to it. The art is rather funky, I only wish the wall was never built and cannot wait until the wall comes down. Take Care Y'All John