Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Back once again with the ill behaviour

And with that he was stuck behind the desk at the office, wishing to be in the wilds and open landscape of Shetland. As you might guess I am now back at work as a sabatical officer at the student union of Middlesex University. This is a fascinating experience for me as I have not worked for a secular organisation for a while. The last one was a call centre and before that a drama group. The drama group was purley for fun and it was a pleasure to end up being paid and the call centre was a little as possible and just for cash. Yet to work for a union I had rose tinted speculations that everyone would have a dream and a knowledge about what unions are for and about and who they should serve. Instead I end up working in a very unalligned group who seem to struggle with the concept of vision and if we all have one few are articluating it. It made me reflect on the joy of my short time working as an admin staff for MAYC. It was a pleasure to work for a body where everyone knew the end game, gods kingdom and hoped to be contributing something towards it. Outside of that I need to sort out and type up my reflections on shetland. I have one in storage on nature. That said, some ponderances upon the latest shinanigans that are occuring in the name of us by T.Blair and others as they attempt to counter terrorism. Within London the idea of a terrorist campaign is nothing new. The I.R.A (Irish Republican Army) have fought a war against this city for many years. The war took the form of terrorist bombings against civillian and military targets. Indeed it was very similar both in media consultation and bombing ot what we currently see. They have at last seen the light of a non violent struggle and given up weapons. Huzzah! Yet the current government seems to have learnt nothing from this with the most heavy handed response to the latest attacks. Let us start with the hideous abuse of civil liberites being exercised by our police force (eg 8 in the head of a brazillian). The police are always in a tricky situatioatn. They are having to react to law that is produced by politicians. Yet the way that they have been able to shoot to kill all of a suden is horrific. I cannot understand why this change is needed or required. All that is then supplimented in is the police are feared as well as the few individuals who are out to cause injury. That said, the politicians are only encouraging such behaviour. At first I was impressed by T.B's response to the bombings. He made a clam dignified speech that showed a worry that people wished to harm the country. But havign been under verbal attack again over the war - well if he will start one the consequences he wil have to carry - then it is as though the shutters have been brought down on liberal britain. Instead we all have to "show ourselves to be british" and suddenly words like "evil ideology" and "islam" appear in the same sentance from our PM. This is frankly shocking rascism. Whilst small aspects of the muslim population may agree with the words given by these clerics that is no reason to launch all the organs of the press to desroy the entire faith. I am unwilling to comment further due to ignorance of the complete details of what is proposed. That said, to here the talk of putting somone on trial for treason worries me. Afterall, what state are we turing into under all these laws? A state of liberal europe or the 52nd state of America under Bush? My suspciious is we are crawling under a bush to avoid the problems with short based solutions rather than taking a liberla approach adn tackiling the real issues at hand. I will post agian soon Regards Ever John