Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thus it was revealed

Yesterday I posted up soem Coldplay lyrics from which one was to draw a christian message. After a stunning response I felt compelled to post the answers up today! Well, to me, it is all about the exploration and realisation that no matter what situation you find yourself in that God will always be about for you. Now this may seem like a rather spurious claim but let us quickly examine the claims throughout the song. It starts by profiling the very fustrations that underpin the 21st century lifestyle, notably that of trying and never succeeding, lust for want over requirement and finaly being so exhausted that you cannot sleep. A feeling that whatever you do you are going backwards and not going anyway, certainly a feeling that I often have! Then from the outward lifetime fustrations it hints at the inner problems of loves won and lost, personal affection towards lost items etc. These more sensual problems are often more distructive then the work related ones outlined initially. For through a mixture of both of these the human mind body adn soul is coming close to distruction through distraction and fustration. So then what is the solution Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones And I will try to fix you Lights guiding us home and igniting our bones, trying to fix us? What sort of random and outrageous claims are these. We are not ships at sea! No, instead it is a brief stroll towards the idea of Christianity..... By offering Light as "guiding you home" it automaticaly shows the idea of light leading us to something new and better. For if Christ is the Light of the world then it is through Jesus that we manage to overcome our present fustrations outlined in the verses. Therefore by having followed the light we have our bones ignited by the holy spirit to set us free. Free from a life of dull repetative repreating toils that lead to no end except more fustration. Therefore having confided in and moved towards God the return for this is to "try to fix you" promising salvation of the sort that we have to work together on. Instead of opening up a sachet of "Insta Salvation" (saving souls since 1888) God will try to fix you but we are all created with free will so once we have found religion we need to continue that quest, that following of the light and God will try to fix us up on the way. Overall that was my idea around it all. I had't even considered this as a christian underlying song but a good friend of mine was dancing to this for an audition and we were discussing it and suddenly I found the above idea flowing out of my mouth, I even managed to shock myself! Anyway hope all is well Regards Ever John


  1. Completely and wholeheartedly agree. I think the moment where the guitar kicks in is like "the moment of redemption" when you realise that everything's going to be OK, even if it will be hard.

    I genuinely think it's the best song Coldplay have ever recorded, and I've been following them right from the very beginning. I don't think much of the rest of the album though, unfortunately...

  2. you evangelist you.

    also in agreement.... iquite excited by that song! I shall one day listen to it...

    Speak soon, Merry Christmas sweetheart! hope you are loving Edinburgh.... xxxx