Thursday, October 27, 2005

That's The Wonder of You!

Well I must say this week has been an odd one, but was magnificantly improved by the following news from the National Television Awards......Doctor Who wins 3 Major awards. For those of you who know little about me I rather like Doctor Who. It is a show that i can watch and always bob up smiling, so to speak. In it we explore the finer moral points of fascism, communism, collective living, geneticaly modified food, commercialism, killing.........and that was just the original series. The latest series came to our screens after over a decade absence, bar the 1996 movie, from our screens. It burst into the 21st century with the most wonderful episode that had you gripped and opened my eyes to the wonders of Billie Piper! I didn't see all the series but what I did impressed me. The series was one that was not only fast moving but knew the points it wanted to make and made them in a "no hold bars" way that kept it real whilst also being fun. I wanted to shout , scream and cry and for once not because of the script. instead it really connected in an emotional way that few series do. Therefore I applaude the awards and look forward to the return of the series soon enough. Oh and if you want some biblical reflection just watch Fathers Day. Let us say that it manages to make real one of the greatest tests of christianity. Take Care Y'All John

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