Thursday, October 27, 2005

I put down my Guardian in my muslie and switch on the radio

This blog is entitled representation, reflection and review and we have had some of the first, much of the form and not much of the latter. Therefore I hope to rectify this with a review post every week! That said this is a good intention and I suspect we shall mull this one over in hell, along with all our other good intentions. Anywho, on with the show! BBC Radio 4 is a service like none other on the radio. It manages to fill a slot and a hole in the radio listings that couldn’t be filled in any other way but couldn’t be imagined without. This is because the versatility and variety of the content ensures that if ever there is a dull moment then you can skip off and return in half an hour ready to be engaged, excited, enthralled or enraged by the subsequent programming. The diversity of output is unparalleled. In the course of an evening we can often have our ears drenched in programmes about issues for deaf people, the history of the toilet, the world’s news and interviews whilst still finding time to fit in a tale of average farming folk every night.. Each of one these emotions are represented and embellished. But a particular one that it covers rather well is that of human interaction. Ladies of Letters, that one about the Rabbi, King Street Junior and this weeks 7.45pm show all betray that inner core. What makes the programmes so enthralling is that they are so down to earth. Whilst they may identify their middle class audience well, and I am never denying being that, they also manange to create 15 minitures in which you can easily be dragged from your world to feel for one which you never knew existed. This is not pure escapism though. This is a journey that you do not watch but that you feel to your inner being. Last weeks’ show at 7.45 has been a fine example of this. It has been the story of a lady who writes a blog online in which she vents her anger, fustrations and love of her marrage. You hear snippets of what she has written but you also hear the husband about whom she writes. I have felt I know both of them by the end of the week. The sheer escapist lust from the lady and the unstable yet loving heart of the man. Oh and I forgot to say , they are 70 years old! This relationship of marrage has been slowly exposed not as a sham but as something where they never fully find themselves knowing each other until he stumbles across her blog. Yet through reading her blog and trying out a variety of negatives that sh ehighlights in him they rediscover the joy of each other. They end up a stronger more fulfilled couple and it was wonderful. Through the short snippets I was dragged further and further in and would ensure that I tuned in the next day. Thus ends the ode to Radio 4 If this has whetted your appitite then please click here Take care y'all John


  1. I enjoyed the show entitled 'i was morrissey's drummer' the other week. Though I must admit there are times when I have to switch the today programme off on my commute to work. There's only so much waffle from politicians not answering questions that you can take.

  2. i think i'll be contradictory and far too like everyone else (eeek!) and say listen to radio one instead....

    chris moyles cracks me up!!