Sunday, July 17, 2005

Update to say...... Comments from Anon's now accepted Apologies, thought that was obligatory anyway Regards Ever John


  1. Anonymous12:48 pm

    Hey John :)

    Cheers for the text, good to hear from you! Lol i think i change my mind about my favourite Bible passage every time I think about it, but there you go :)

    Glad to read you had / are having a good time up in the Shetlands; i'm just on my lunch break at work right now, but catch up for a few drinks in the Canny Man's next time you're in Edinburgh for sure!

    Later mate :p

  2. Anonymous10:02 pm

    It must be added however, that one can only comment if the person you are commenting on actually posts anything.

    ;) Hee hee!!

    Bees xx